Why JamesXSev?

Well I have my own reasons to dedicate a whole website to this pairing. One day I wondered, as probably most of you have done 'why does Snape hates Harry *that* much? Couldn't it be because he once had a relationship with his enemy but this one left him and chose Lily instead? In that case Severus would have had a reason to join the Deatheaters, and also a  reason -James' death- to come back to the good path- Isn't it sad, then,, to think that Snape has spent a long time grieving inside and suffering each time he sees Harry-who resembles James very much but has his mother's eyes?


Some people think that it was Lily the one whom Snape liked, but you must forgive me, I love slash and James and Sevvy make such a cute couple!! 

And also a new theory has been thought up by some fiction authors: what if Snape and James were the true parents of Harry?

There's not a lot of related-fanwork out there. Most of the pictures of JP/SS are in Japanese webs, and it's been a great deal for me to ask them for permission, because sometimes the author don't understand me! There are some good fanfics in English, and I'm trying to recollect them all and put them in this web. Not too much quantity, but lots of quality!

Do you agree with my theory? Can you find any other reasons to like them togehter? Or perhaps you know about some pictures and stories that are not archived here? Then click on Hedwig and e-mail me!!

Oh and just a little note: I'm Spanish and, though I'm studying lots of English at University, I'm not completely fluent, so if you find some serious grammar/other kind mistake, please forgive me and tell me if it's possible. Thanks!