Father of Mine 4/?

"Tutoring Session"

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*    *    *

"No! No, no, no, no, and no. With a strong side order of no and a dash of bloody hell no!" James yelled staring to Lilyís watery green eyes.

"Please Jim? It wonít be that bad, I promise." She pleaded, her lower lip sticking out in a pout.

"Lily, luv, what part of Ďnoí donít you understand?" James asked, patting her head as if she were a small child.

"The part where you say it to me. Come on James; donít you trust me?" A soft laugh drifted over from one of the couches where Remus sat watching the display.


Lily nodded.

"Hell no. I donít trust you any farther than I can throw you."

Lily stomped her foot on the floor of the common room. James grinned; her maturity level decreased dramatically when she didnít get what she wanted from any one of the Marauders, not that James or any of them ever did turn her down.

"You can throw me pretty far James. Iím small and youíre really strong." She said with a flirty smile.

James reached out lightening fast and pinched her side. "Not that small. Youíve been shoveling it down in the Great Hall lately. Must have put on a good ten pounds since the start of the term and we just celebrated Halloween. Getting a little chunky are we Lils?"

Jamesís head snapped and his glasses went flying of his face as Lily slapped him.

"Never call a woman fat James," Remus called from his spot on the couch. "One of the top five worst things you can say; itís up there with calling her ugly."

"Just for that you are going to let Severus tutor you in Defense Against the Dark Arts. I will not take no for an answer. Youíre going to pass this year whether you want to or not James Potter," Lily declared in a serious voice, her hands planted on her hips.

James leaned over to pick up his glasses and sighed. The red-headed brat could be insufferable sometimes, and unmoving when she made a decision. And apparently she had made the decision that her Slytherin friend Snape was going to save Jamesís grade in DADA simply because she said so. But he wasnít going to let her boss him around this time.

James adjusted his round glasses on his nose and said, calmly and clearly, "No."


"Dammit Lily, how do I let you talk me into these things?"

Lily slapped him upside the head and shushed him. "Because Iím smarter than you are. Now," She said from where they stood outside the library, "go in there and play nice. I mean it. If anything happens to Severus youíll be looking for your most important pieces tomorrow morning."

Jamesís hand shot down to cover his groin protectively. "Fine. Whatever you say."

Lily beamed at him. "He really is brilliant Jamie. Just let him help you and donít be a total prat," She said giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Be good and Iíll pick you up in 2 hours."

And with that, she was gone.

James sighed and shook his head. She and Sirius both had more energy than he could imagine possessing sometimes. He wondered if they plugged into a muggle electrical socket when they slept or something.

With thoughts of his friends to steady him, James went into the library with his books under his arm and his head held high. He could handle a few hours with Snape. No problem.

The sallow skinned boy was seated at one of the back tables, bent over a thick tome. His The greasy black hair that curtained his face and was so long it brushed the pages of the book.

James grinned and tiptoed silently up to Snape. Then he dropped his books on the wooden table with a loud bang.

Snape jerked up and tensed. Then he saw James and a scowl fixed itself on his face and his body relaxed from the surprise into a state that wasnĎt really relaxed at all.


"Snape. Still not washing your hair I see. Does it glow in the dark from all the shit in there?" James asked cheerfully, pulling out a chair, turning it around and straddling it.

Snape fixed James in a cold stare. The blue-eyed chaser was one of the most annoying people in the school next to the chaserís irritating sidekick Black. Severus himself was still trying to figure out why he'd let Lily talk him into this. Oh, he remembered now. It was because the woman could get anything she wanted from any man, gay or straight.

He sighed. "I see you are still wasting what few brain cells you possess on quidditch instead of the classes that will get you out of Hogwarts in one piece. Your stupidity amazes me sometimes."

James just shrugged. "Its not my fault that I wasn't raised by a dark wizard who spoon fed me curses when I was younger, Snape. Please, let me apologize for having a semi-normal family with semi-normal personalities."

Severus rolled his eyes. "Tell me, Potter, what is so fantastic about being normal. Mediocrity is obviously working for you but some of us aspire to things beyond driving on the Knight Bus."

"You are unbelievably annoying you know that?"

"Better an annoying Slytherin with brains than a empty-headed, shallow, vapid, obnoxious, cruel, weak Gryffindor charmer," Severus snarled.

"Empty-headed? Vapid? Shallow? Cruel? Weak? Who the hell do you think you are Snape?" James demanded. The little prick was already infuriating him and they hadnít even gotten started working yet. Although he really couldn't dispute the obnoxious comment. That one was on target.

"Ooh, did I hurt your feelings Potter? I never knew you were so sensitive. No wonder all the girls love you," Snape drawled sarcastically.

"At least I can get someone, Snape. You wouldnít touch a girl with a ten-foot wand and no decent or even indecent guy to would think of touching you. Youíre a disgusting, ugly git, Snape, and youíll probably die all alone." James said calmly and coolly.

Severus took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Potterís last remark had actually been painful. That was mostly due to the accuracy of the Gryffindorís words. But still, it was odd that one of the Fantastic Fourís comments scratched below the surface.

James watched as a pained expression crossed Snapeís face for a second before the Slytherinís typical emotionless mask slipped back into place. Had he hurt the other boyís feelings?

James didnít think it was possible but that expression had been real and Snape was saying nothing in retaliation. Not a snide comment, not even a nasty look...nothing.


"Shut up, Potter. Get out your damn DADA book and lets get started. Iím not here to bicker with you. Iím here to teach you. I donít have the time or the energy to waste throwing insults at you." Severus said with a tired sigh and a shake of his dark head.

James shuffled through his books, heíd grabbed them all in his hurry to get Lily off his back, and pulled out his Defense Against the Dark Arts text. He shot Snape a sideways glance and tried again.

"Look, Snape Iím-"

Severus cut him off. "Potter, what did I just say? Shut your fucking mouth and turn to the section in the book on offensive incendiary curses."

James turned to that section of his book quickly but tried a final time. "Severus, Iím sorry."

Snape gaped at him. His black eyes were wide and his jaw dropped slightly. "Wha-what?"

James pushed his round glasses up the bridge of his nose and scratched his head awkwardly. "For the thing I said earlier, about you dying alone. That was way out of line and I take it back."

Severus Snapeís black eyes were staring hard at James Potter as if he were some kind of rare insect. He shook his head and stared again.

"Did you just apologize to me?" Snape asked quietly. His face had slipped back into its stony mask, except for his eyes, which were still as wide as saucers.

James chuckled, his blue eyes sparkling in a way that reminded Snape of Dumbledore. "Yeah. But itís just this once. So donít get used to it."

Snape swallowed hard and nodded. Neither of them said anything but an unspoken truce was formed from that apology. And when Lily came to make check on them, the two boys were immersed in a textbook on countering mutative hexes.

Lily watched them talking, not yelling, not bickering, not arguing, but talking; and smiled. She licked the tip of her finger and made a little score mark in the air. Damn, Lily thought to herself, she was so good she surprised herself some times.