Autor Notesí: Here you have my new poem-fic. It may be a bit confusing so I explain some things to you. These are Snapeís thoughts standing in front of the tomb of his former lover, who wasÖ(suspense) of course, James Potter, according to my theory. Notice the metaphor in the refrain and the use of plural (lilies) not singular, and you will understand what the point of the poem is. Please R&R! Oh and English is not my first language, and this hasnít been beta-read (ahem would you like to do it?) so please understand any possible mistake.  Dedicated to Lady Angel, Ginger and my other girls.

Author: Isilme Malfoy (webmistress hehe)

Disclaimer: I donít own Sevvy, Iím just being a bit romantic and paranoid. No sense in sending me flames. Ah! Of course, slash implied.

 For Your Favourite Lilies' Sake

(S.Sís angsty POV)

Marble stones over the grass,

Silent, as the darkness is,

No one near, solitude

Being a sad company.

Promises of long ago

Now no difference they make.


Earthworms living on your bones

For your favourite liliesí sake.


Lies and truth are mixing up

In the shadows of my soul,

Blood still freezing in these veins

Every time I read your name.

Kisses which were born to end

Have been wrecked by fiery Fate.


All my hope was torn apart

For your favourite liliesí sake.


No redemption should I beg

While your bodyís buried here,

Itís too late. You chose to go,

Yet you may always be near.

Love and Lust did drive me mad,

Rage and Death led me to tearsÖ

But no difference they make.


This same earth has buried me

For your favourite liliesí sake.


Enemies shouldnít get close,

Now my sins canít be removed;

You redeemed yourself through that

Last attempt to save their lives.

Memories of you-so sweet-

Wonít allow me to forget.

When I look into green eyes,

I know Iím being teased by Fate.


Youíre the one who freed my soul,

The only one who won my heart,

Now your absence I canít take.


Lilies growing by your tomb,

For your favourite liliesí sake!