When Good Meets Evil

Author: Bianca Black

E-mail: irismalfoy@msn.com


“So, you’re saying she was with you last night? I mean, really?”

Remus Lupin and Sirius Black were sitting in the library, talking in whispers, so that no one(anyone) could hear them. They both were in their Gryffindor robes, and had their books opened on the table. Their long hair was looking shaggy, with Sirius’ longer than Remus’.
Sirius was trying not to laugh, and Remus was looking at him, his big, amber eyes sparkling.

“Shhh...” said Sirius, pressing his finger against his lips  “Don’t tell anyone, ok?”

“Oh, come on, you know I won’t!”
“OK, I... you know, I was in...”
“Did you go to her room? Did you go to the Slytherin Dungeon?”

By this time, Remus’ face was full of surprise. He knew his friend was really in love with this girl, a Slytherin 6th year, but he never thought he could go that far.

“You could’ve been seen!”
“I know! Don’t tell me that! Man, she’s incredible!”
“I think...”, Remus said.
“Picture this: I was all alone in the Great Hall last night, you know, the detention McGonagall had to give to me.”

Remus nodded. How could he forget. Last night, McGonagall caught them both trying to make Severus Snape drink some not-so-good-looking drink. But Remus was faster than Sirius and he left the room before the professor came in.

“Well, I was there all alone, putting the chairs and stuff in order, and I heard some steps behind me. Imagine my surprise when I saw her there!”
“Surprised?” Asked Remus. “Wasn’t that what you wanted?”
“Well... yeah...” said Sirius.  “But you know... I’d have never thought she... she was gonna do it... I mean... look for me, you know...?”
“So she was looking for you... did she kidnap you or something?” Asked Remus, almost laughing. “Don’t get mad, Sirius, I’m just saying...”
“She didn’t...”
“So it was you then.”
“Remus! Would you shut up?”
“OK, I will...”
“Thanks.”  Sirius took a deep breath. “Then she helped me with the stuff I had to do and when we finished, she asked me to accompany her...”

Remus repressed a laugh, and Sirius hit him under the table.


“You shut up! Stop laughing at me!”
“Sorry, it’s only that... I remember when you said she looked... innocent...”

Sirius face went all red. It was a hard thing to do, but Remus always got to do it.


“Very innocent, indeed. She’s a kind of angel, isn’t she?”
“Ok, ok, I get it. Go on.” It took Remus several minutes to make Sirius go on telling the story, but in the end, his friend went on.
“So, you two went to the Slytherin Dungeon...”, urged Remus.
“Well, I didn’t want to,” confessed Sirius*.*  “Imagine, what if Snape was around? I could be kicked out of the school easily.”
“We can get kicked out every single second, Sirius...”
“Well, yeah, that’s true.”
“I didn’t want to go, but she asked me to. And you know those eyes… I just love them...”
“I prefer mine...”
“You shut up... you’re always like that...”
“But it’s true, I like my eyes. Betcha no one has eyes like mine..”
“Well, I agreed...”
“Strong, brave, Sirius Black, giving up for a little Slytherin girl...”
“Not so little... well, would you let me finish?”

Sirius sighed deeply, and Remus repressed a laugh again. “Ok, go on. Promise.”

“Good. I didn’t think she meant to enter the Dungeon. I though she just wanted me to accompany her to the entrance or something... but no, she said the password in front of me and, when the door opened, she took my hand and made me follow her...”
“Oh my God...”

Remus’ eyes were sparkling again, very open, and he had a weird expression on his face.

“So... last night, you were... there?”
“In her room...”

This time, Remus didn’t say a word. He just blinked twice and nodded, leaning back on his chair, pretending that he was reading as Madame Pince passed by. Then, he leaned over the table again.

“Go on.”
“Did she leave?” Asked Sirius, referring to Madame Pince.
“Yeah, she’s out of sight right now.”
“Ok. Well, so there I was, in the Slytherin Dungeon, with Snape and Malfoy around...
“Does she know...”
“Think so, ‘cause she made sure there was no one in the common room, and well, there was that stupid Goyle and some other girl, but she made it so that nobody could see me.”
“And well... her room...”
“Now this is getting interesting...”
“She was all alone. You know she’s a Prefect, she has a big room just for her...”
“Well, I know she is, but I dunno the room, I’m not a Prefect, you are.”
“But you’ve been in mine.”
“But she’s a girl... yours can’t be like hers...”
“Well, yeah...”
“Well, she took you to her dorm and...?”


Remus couldn’t believe it when he saw Sirius blushing for the second time in less than two minutes. He really liked that girl... or everything went the way he planned.

“I never thought she was like that...”
“And it means...”
“She just gave me time to have a look at the room, then started kissing me...”
“Maybe she heard you talking about her?”
“Come on, say what you’re thinking...”
“She must have a very active sex life...”
“Yeah... cause the way she moved...”
“I don’t want details, please”, Remus whispered.
“Oh yes, you want them! You asked, remember?”
“I didn’t ask for specific details of your sex life, Sirius...”

Remus seemed to be lost in his book when Sirius took it from his hands and hid it, so that Remus had to pay attention to him again.

“And now you will listen, ok?”

Remus gave a resigned sigh, and folding his arms over the table, gave Sirius a dirty look.

“Don’t look at me like that. I know you wanna know...”
“Whatever. Tell me if you want...”
“OK. would you believe me if I told you she took control? That never happened to me before... I’ve always been the one who knows what to do, but not this time... I had a very weird feeling...”
“Like you had no idea about anything?”
“Her name is Bianca, isn’t it?”
“Bianca Williams... isn’t it lovely?”
“Oh, come on, she’s Malfoy’s ex-girlfriend!”
“No...”, said Sirius, looking seriously at Remus. “She isn’t.”
“Yeah, she is. Remember what James told you when you first noticed her? He said that there were some rumours about (what) that girl being Malfoy’s lover. You know he’s dating that Narcissa.”
“And how the hell does he know?”
“No idea...”
“So, she’s Malfoy’s ex-girlfriend... and what does it mean?”
“Malfoy has a very active sex life, you know. Every Slytherin girl knows that. Shanelle Roy is Deanna’s sister.”
“Our Deanna?”
“Yeah, and she told her. She also told her something about James, but she didn’t tell me.”
“James? What does he have to do  with Slytherin?”
“What did you do last night? You were with a Slytherin, weren’t you? Maybe he has a friend there… but I doubt it…”
“But there’s Lily.”
“Well, who knows? But hey, tell me, did she... erm...”
“Imagine, I couldn’t move. I was frozen. All I could do was... watch her.”
“Must be the first time *the* great Sirius Black is blank.”
“Stop joking...”
“But it’s true...”
“It is... And I guess they were right, when they told me I had no heart with girls... now that I’m in love, I’m sure that she just used me.”
“Thanks, Remus, you’re a true friend.”

There was a silence, caused because Madame Pince passed by them again, this time she was closer to the boys, trying to hear their conversation, as she saw no books on the table. Fortunately, Remus took another book out and started reading it.
As soon as she left, they renewed their conversation.


“So, you said Snape wasn’t there?” Remus asked.
“Bianca said he wasn’t, but she showed me his room, well, just the door, you know, and I swear I heard some people inside, but of course there can be other people. Anyways, I think I knew one of those voices... hey! What about you?”

“Yeah, you and Chantel... come on, tell me! I’ve told you everything... well, almost everything.”

“I had a great night.”

“Oh, come on! Tell me!”

Remus didn’t seem very willing to tell, but he couldn’t resist his friend’s look, so he ended up telling him everything.


“I dunno if you noticed, but last night it was raining...”
“Oh yeah, I heard it, and saw some lightning ... freaky.”
“Yeah. So, we met in the corridors, actually I didn’t plan to do anything unexpected, you know what I mean, but man, she’s incredibly pretty!! Chantel... well, ok, ok, back to Earth...”
“Well, yeah, we met and started hanging around, and then we realized it was 10 pm! Kinda late, you know. Thank God we didn’t meet Filch...”
“Lucky you.”
“Haha, sorry. We were wandering and stuff, when she told me something, I don’t remember what exactly... I was like “ok” and we left the castle.”
“What did she say?”
“I told you I don’t remember! Something about being all alone and stuff, you know. Besides, it doesn’t matter, believe me.”
“I don’t doubt your word.”
“Good to know.”
“OK, go on.”
“Relax, Sirius!”
“No, I wanna know.”
“Ok, ok... we went outside, crazy idea, the second we left the castle, we got all wet.”
“Oohhhh... I can picture that... well, not you, just Chantel...”
“You stop that!”

Remus threw the book he had in his hands at Sirius, hitting him on his shoulder as he tried to avoid it.

“Wow, – Sirius said. – Relax, little wolf...”
“Shut the fuck up then.”
“How aggressive... sorry man... well, what happened next?”
“You know what came next.”
“There? – Sirius exclaimed, his eyes wide open, forgetting for a second where they were.”
“Stupid! – Remus whispered, as he saw Madame Pince approaching them.”


Remus sighed, and Sirius turned back to see the woman coming closer. Then, he looked back at Remus, who was giving him a nasty look.

“Today is not my day...” He whispered to himself.
“I think you do not realize where you are, gentlemen”, the woman said.
“Sorry, Madame Pince”, apologized Remus. “We were just discussing something, and things got worse. I am really sorry, it won’t happen again.”
“I hope so”, said the woman.
“We are leaving now”, Remus said, glaring at Sirius, who stood up.

Slowly, they made their way out of the library, none of them speaking. Sirius had the feeling that Remus hated him so much now. However; once again, if Remus forgave him about the Snape incident at the Shrieking Shack, he should forgive him now.

“Sorry...”, Sirius muttered when they were far enough from the library.

“Are you stupid? She could have given us detention!”
“Can she?”
“Course she can!”
“Didn’t know...”


Remus gave another sigh. It has been a difficult day.


“Never thought that Bianca could leave you like that... so stupid...”
“I’m not stupid.”
“You weren’t yesterday when I left you, but now you are...”
“Well, let’s talk about you and Chantel...”
“Good thing, here in the middle of the school... next to the Ravenclaw Tower...”
“Where should we go then?”
“Let’s go to the dorm.”
“Yours’ and Peter’s... it’s weird... I still think it’s my dorm as well...”
“Then should we go to yours?”
“Only if you want.”
“Yeah, thinking of Peter knowing what I did last night makes me sick...”

Sirius couldn’t help laughing. They never wanted Peter to know their secrets. Not secrets like those, at least.

“But tell me”, Sirius said. “I can’t wait to get there, you know. Kissing in the rain?”
“Yeah”, said Remus, grinning openly. “And not only kissing...”
“Touching, feeling... a paradise...”
“You’re obsessed, Sirius!”
“I know. So are you.”
“That’s fair”.
“And then?”
“I took her to the Shrieking Shack.”
“Really?” Sirius asked, in a not very pleased way.
“Hey, I cast a spell on it, you should have seen it.”
“Good then, a pretty girl deserves something more than that house.”
“Isn’t that Lily?”

As they reached the Great Hall, they saw the red-haired girl(,) sitting there on her own, eating something. She had a sad expression on her face. They approached her, worried.

“Hey Lily, what’s the matter?” asked Sirius.
“Yeah, what’s wrong?”
“Awww, thank God you’re here, guys”, the girl said. “I’ve been all alone today...”
“Where’s James?” Asked Remus.
“I don’t know! He has been acting weird lately!” The girl exclaimed.
“Don’t worry, Lily”, Sirius said. “We’ll go and look for him.”
“Isn’t he in his dorm?” Asked Remus.
“No, he isn’t. And I couldn’t get to the other dorms, you know why...”
“Hehe, yeah, it’s ok”, said Sirius, patting Lily’s hair.
Off we go”, said Remus. “We’ll bring James back to you”.

When they left the Great Hall, walking towards the Gryffindor Tower, there was a silence between them both. They were thinking of where in Hogwarts could James be.

“He has been acting weird lately, hasn’t he?” Remus said, all of a sudden.
“Yeah, really weird. You think... there’s another girl?”
“That’s what Lily thinks, for sure.”
“Poor Lily...”
“Well, home at last. Senatio.”

The Picture moved and showed the way to the common room.

“Where should we go?” Sirius asked.
“My dorm?”
“Yeah, sounds like he should be there.”
“Let’s go then.”

They went upstairs, and stopped at the moment they got in front of the door.

“What’s that?” Sirius whispered.
“I dunno. Let’s see...”
“Don’t! Don’t open the door! Seems like there is more than one person...”
“Well, if James is in my dorm with that other girl, I have the right to know. It’s my dorm after all. Mine all mine, get it?”
“Fair enough. Tell me who’s the girl...”


As Remus opened the door, his eyes closed slowly in horror.

“What have you seen? I can’t see anything...”
“It’s better not to.”
“What!!? Who’s the girl?”
“It’s not a girl...”

Sirius stopped grabbing Remus’ arm. His face looked pale, and he was looking at Remus in disbelief.

“You’re joking”, he said, his voice trembling.
“No I’m not”, Remus said, in a very low voice. “I’m serious...”
“Lemme see...”
“It’s not a good idea...”
“Who is he?”
“That’s why... Sirius, don’t do it...”

Too late. By the time Remus had said that, Sirius was in front of the door, his mouth open, shaking his head.
He stood there, in front of the door, unable to speak nor move, till Remus closed the door and took his arm.

“Let’s go”, he said.
“What... what about Lily?” Sirius asked.
“We’ll think about something...”

Right before Sirius and Remus opened the door, James was in the Gryffindor common room, all alone, reading a book in the corner.
The room was empty, there was nobody in there but James himself. He closed the book, and leaned over the table, trying to get some sleep.

“But it’s 6 pm still, you wont’ be able to sleep and you know it... besides, dinner time is close... and Lily...”

Lily. That thought made him open his eyes and look around. Or was it the steps approaching him? But he didn’t care. He didn’t see anything, so he leaned again.
Lily. Poor girl. He had been acting weird lately, with no reason. It was just... something he said... not to Lily, not even to Remus, Sirius or Peter. It was worse. What did he say? He remembered he was tempting someone. And he remembered who it was perfectly. But why did he do that? Maybe...
Suddenly, a shadow stopped in front of him.

“Tell your friends thanks for letting me know the password, Potter...”

James looked up, and his eyes met those cold, cruel eyes he was thinking of that moment. He couldn’t believe it.

“What the fuck?” James exclaimed, standing up.
“Your friends”, the other boy said. “Black and Lupin. They left the room a while ago, you remember?”
“Lost in your thoughts, Potter? You should care a bit more about your friends. They left and then there was this young girl... Stevens, she forgot the password and they told her. And told me, without knowing it”.
“What are you doing here? You could be seen...”
“There’s nobody here, and you know it”.
“You said Laura...”
“She left. She only wanted to see your dearest friend, Black”.
“What do you want?”
“You told me a week ago you wanted to know what happens when good meets evil, want to know it?”

But James didn’t have time to answer. The next thing he knew, it was him, laying on his friend Remus’ bed, his right hand attached to one of the four posts, the shadowy shape in front of him.

“This is not right!” James said. “We’re in my friend’s room! What if he...”
“I’m evil, remember? Fuck him if he comes back”.
“But –“
“Nah nah... shut up. We’re going to do something now...”
“Would you take that hood off?”
“Your command”.

And slowly, Severus Snape took his hood off, letting James see his pale face, covered with his black hair, making him look mysterious and, yeah, in some way, sexy. He could hardly see Severus’ eyes now, but there were some lascivious looks James could notice from behind his hair.

And James noticed something pressing against his pants, something fighting to get out. When he realized, Snape had already free it. James was pant-less now, and he saw Snape taking his boxers off.
He didn’t want to, his mind was telling him to run away, but his body was still there, waiting for Snape to do it. To make him feel new experiences, to explore his body. He could have easily cut the robes that were attaching him to the bed, but he didn’t. He wanted it so bad. He told Severus to do it when he said “I wanna know what happens when good meets evil”, and he was going to know it now.

“But Lily...”
“No time to think about Lily, Potter...”,  Severus whispered.
“If you’re gonna do it, then don’t call me Potter”.
“Wow, good turning evil”.
“No way, just letting you do your thing”.
“But you want it, don’t you?”


At the same time, Severus took James’ manhood in one hand, the other gently touching James’s chest under the clothes.
James couldn’t help groaning. He tried to move, to do something, but it was too late. Snape was standing in front of him again, taking his robes off.
Off came the pants, shirt, and so on, but not his boxers. He was licking his lips at the sight of James’ erection.


“And everybody said you were an angel...”
“I am an angel...”
“Who told you angels can’t be bad sometimes?”
“Good to hear...”

James was looking at Severus, from feet to head, and could never imagine that he was so hot. Or maybe it was just the lust he felt inside. But Severus was better than he ever imagined.

“Time to take your shirt off, James...”

Severus crept over James’ body, brushing his hips against James’, making him groan again. He grabbed James’ arm and claimed his mouth in a fierce kiss. The first one. He was amazed, he never thought he could do that. Moreover, he never thought Severus would reply like that. Even Lily, she never kissed him like that. It was pure lust. And pure evil.

“What... what are you gonna do?” James asked.

Severus stopped kissing him, and looked into James’ deep blue eyes.

“Don’t act like you don’t know it”.
“But I don’t...”
“Ohhh... Mr. Potter, I’m going to have fun tonight...”

Placed over James’ body, Severus bared the blue eyed boy, so that now they both were completely naked.

“And now, Mr. Potter, you’ll have the pleasure of... tasting me...”

Before finishing that, Snape’s lips were already pressed against James’, who didn’t try to avoid them. In fact, he wanted more. He was touching Severus’ body with his free hand.
That position, with his left hand attached, only made it more interesting, more... sexual. More like good meeting evil. Good always wins, but evil controls. And tonight, James was going to win, as he was getting what he wanted.

He didn’t say a word. He just let Snape do it all. He simply licked his own and Snape’s lips, touched his now lover’s body, slowly, as if he wasn’t there. Just let Snape do what he wanted to do.
And he did it. Slowly, he made his way down to James’ groin, and with his skillful hand, did things James’ could have never imagined. He had never felt this way before. Even when he and Lily made love for the first time... it wasn’t because he wanted it, because he didn’t... it was all because of Sirius and Remus. It tasted good, after all, but not as good as this. And another difference: he really wanted it this time.
He felt Snape’s tongue running up and down his cock, and damn it, it was the best feeling he’d ever felt! He didn’t want him to stop. He slipped his fingers through Snape’s hair, and accompanied his every move, but stopped him when he was about to come.

“Not yet”, he whispered, “you said you were gonna have fun tonight, and you were about to ruin it all...”

Severus blushed.

“Would you let my right hand free?”
“Sad thing. I could do some good things, you know”.
“No way. You stay quiet”.
“K then, go ahead...”
“Know what?” Asked Severus, after a few seconds. “Maybe I should let your hand free... because I want you to do something”.
“See? I told you that you should”.

A few seconds later, James had his left hand free, and Severus leaned over him again, giving him a lascivious look, kissing him fiercely again. James returned the kiss wholeheartedly, his hands sliding down Severus’ body. He reached Severus’ manhood, making him wince pleasurably, while clutching James’ hair. This caused James to continue touching him and kissing and nipping his neck.
Severus never knew how, but James took his boxers off, and placed himself over the Slytherin boy. All he could feel was James’ tongue licking his tummy, and slowly, making his way to his groin, then, he could feel his cock in the Gryffindor’s hands, and then in his mouth, making him groan, wanting more, gasping, wincing.
But then it was over. Severus opened his eyes, and saw James coming over him, grinning.

“Well, you rule, don’t you?” James asked in a whisper to Severus’ ear. “Make me do what you want”.

It did it. In less than a second, Severus was over James again, and they were kissing, touching, moving... nipping each other’s lips, James sucking fervently on his tongue, as Severus has his hands on James’ hips, rubbing their bodies together.


“You want me to do it, don’t you?” Severus whispered, slowly.
“Was it that hard to imagine?”
“Don’t be sarcastic, Potter...”
“I’m what I want, Snape...”
“Turn around then”.
“Don’t bite your tongue”, James said, with a big smirk. “You didn’t wanna say that...”
“It would sound rude”.
“You’re evil... and rude...”

James took his lover’s cock again, rubbing it, making Severus gasp and shiver.

“I wanna fuck you... now”, he said, finally.
“Looks like the good is teaching the evil...”
“I thought you didn’t know...”
“Don’t get it twisted...”

Slowly, James turned around, grinning, at the sight of Severus’ expression.


James took his lover’s cock again, rubbing it, making Severus gasp and shiver.


“I wanna fuck you... now”, he said, finally.
“Looks like the good is teaching the evil...”
“I thought you didn’t know...”
“Don’t get it twisted...”

Slowly, James turned around, grinning at the sight of Severus’ expression.
What was that? Was James taking control? No way, that couldn’t be. Severus wasn’t going to let a simple Gryffindor take control over the situation. As fast as he could, he took his wand in his hand, whispering a spell, so that James’ right hand was tied again.
James looked back, his eyes wide open in surprise.
“Why the fuck - ”
“Exactly. Fuck”.


And kissed him. James was there, paralysed. For a moment, he had been... free. Now he was Severus’ slave again. And damn, he liked it. He loved the way Severus’ tongue felt inside his mouth, licking his every centimetre of skin, sliding his fingers inside of him.


“Should I bind your left hand also?” Severus asked, smirking.
“Do what you want”, James said. “You’re the evil one, after all, not me...”

But he didn’t. James glared at him over his shoulder. He saw Severus’ face, covered with his black hair, looking at him with burning lust in his eyes. He was licking his fingers and lips.


“What are you looking at?” James asked.
“Silly, what am I supposed to be looking at, when you’re the only one around? Besides, you’re naked, my dear enemy...”


He came closer as he spoke. James didn’t say a word. He just closed his eyes, looking down, waiting for Snape to do something, to come inside of him.
But before that, Severus had another kiss-session planned. Kisses, touches... body against body... and finally, James felt something inside of him. Something fast, he hardly realized Severus had done it. But at the moment James groaned, Severus laughed and took it out.


“What - ”

James obeyed. Severus hugged him. James was surprised. Hugs? Now he was hugging him? Oh, for God’s sake! But slowly, Snape’s hands placed on James’ cock, and started making that thing...
Oh, he did it so good... it was perfect.


“So... what do you want me to do now?” Severus whispered.
“You took the chance and made up the plans...” James gasped. “I’m yours, Snape...”
“Good Potter, now you’ve learnt the hierarchy...”

With some difficulty, due to the pleasure James was feeling, he placed his left hand on Severus’ head, making him kiss his neck, sliding his fingers through his lover’s hair.
He felt the Slytherin take his hand off his manhood, just to take his own, and, with a quick and gentle thrust, he made James groan and grab his hair vigorously.
A ray of light came across the room. But as soon as it came in, it left. Severus glared at the door, but it was closed, and he didn’t have time to go and look, he had something better to do.
The room, before silent, was now filled with groans, whimpers and moans of pleasure. None of them could deny it was what they wanted, what they’ve been waiting for so long.
James gasped and bit his lips, inhaling loudly in short breaths of air, and exhaled shakily, eyes closed still, his head leaned against Severus’, who was moving in and out of his lover’s body. Slowly at first, same as his hands. But the movement became fast and hard as the heat in the room increased, and the groans and moans were becoming higher and louder.
And then, it happened. Both of them came. Almost at the same time. James could feel Severus emptying inside of him, and the Slytherin boy had his hands covered with James’ semen.
He stopped moving, but he didn’t stop kissing James’ neck. Slowly, he placed himself in front of the Gryffindor, his face really close to the boy’s shaft, and started licking it again, swallowing his every drop.


“The damage is done, so I guess I’ll be leaving”, Severus said.
“What damage? And... why so fast? I mean, this is all you can do?”
“No, but this was the first and the last time, Potter”.
“Didn’t you see it?”
“Lupin saw us. He opened the door”.
“And Sirius. Both of them. They’d want to kill me now. Even more than they used to do”.
“Not now”.


James grinned.


“Because you are naked”.

*          *          *

- Just... tell me something...

Sirius was sitting in the Gryffindor Common room, in a corner, holding his legs, glaring nowhere. In front of him*,* there was Remus, who had the same expresison on his face.

“What... what was that?”
“Want me to explain it? It was... disgusting enough...” Remus answered.
“I... I wanna die...”
“I wanna kill that bitch...”
“Snape?” Asked Sirius.
“Didn't you see it? James liked it! Did you see his face!?”
“I don't wanna remember that...”
“But you did, he was... happy...”
“How disgusting...”
“I'm gonna kill those bitches...”
“Watch your tongue, Remus”.
“Don't tell me you're not thinking the same...”
“I'll kill him... Snape... he's gonna die as soon as he comes down...”
“James will come first, and talk to us...”
“He didn't see us”, said Sirius.

“I'm sure Snape did”.
“And... just... I think... James had his hand tied?”

Remus frowned. Then, his expression turned disgusted and looked away. Sirius covered his face with both hands.

“I'm going to switch beds with Peter”, said Remus.
“What?” Asked Sirius, confused.
“He always liked mine. And no way am I gonna sleep there. Not having seen that...”
“Will he come?” Said Sirius, impatiently.
“Don't think so. They were having fun... Oh my it's so... nasty...”
“There are no words to explain... how I feel...”

There were a few minutes of silence; both of them lost in their thoughts, trying to understand what they've just witnessed.

“Hang on”, said Remus, suddenly. “What are we gonna do with Lily?”

Sirius opened his eyes in surprise. He had forgotten about her completely. If they were shocked, what about the poor girl? He was deeply in love with James, and now... they knew the truth... But they couldn't tell her his beloved boyfriend was...

“Gay”, said Remus. “We just can't! Think about it!”
“I know! But then, are we going to lie to her?”
“I don't like that... If only she wouldn't ask us about it...”
“She doesn't have to...”
“But she'll ask”, said Remus, convinced. “She will”.
“Let's go outside, please”, begged Sirius, as he heard steps on the stairs.

Remus nodded, and the boys left the Gryffindor Tower as fast as they could. They heard two people talking, and then steps following them.

“Guys...” said a shy voice behind them.

They stopped. They didn't want to turn around and see James' face, so it was the blue-eyed boy who had to move, and stand in front of them.

“I...” he started, shyly. “I...”
“You don't have to say what you did, we already know”, said Sirius, coldly.
“Guys, you have no idea –”
“Oh? Don't we? You two were in MY bed, so don't tell me I have no idea, James”.
“I didn't want to...”
“Yeah, your dorm is better, why did you two pick up one shared by two friends of yours?” Said Sirius. “It's more morbid like that, isn't it?”
“Guys... I didn't want to do it... he just... took me there and...”
“Ohhh, I see, you tripped? Fell? Landed on his dick!?”

Sirius had lost his nerves, and was shouting in the middle of the, luckily, empty corridors. Remus was mad as well, but he was just silent, contemplating.

“Never thought you could do that”, he said, finally. “James, don't lie to us, you liked it. You told Severus to do it, although you had no idea you did it. You told him something, right? You wanted to do it.”

James looked down. He couldn't deny it. And damn yes, he had liked it. Sad thing was, he would never do it again.

“You should have... shared... that with us...” Sirius said, with high difficulty.
“The only thing you have to care about now is...” Remus started, glaring at Sirius, “what will you say to Lily?”