5-3-03: Only one fic new -if you know any author who has a JP/SS fic, just tell me please- but hey! go read it! You're free to take the icons of this page, but NOT the fanarts, remember. And please, do you know what a tagboard is, don't you?? Hehe...

22-3-03: Sorry!!! I made a mistake with the background of the fanfics and they couldn't be seen -*embarrassed*, but I've solved it. I have also protected the images which aren't mine, so please if you want them, e-mail the authors.


20-3-03: Hi take a look around! There's a tagboard where you can express yourself in the easiest way. Also a new fanart and one wonderful fic. And a new section, "About", with the information you wanted about the webmistress...


14-3-03: Hi all! 2 more fanfics up! "The Blood Connection" is fantastic, you should read it, I'm serious! The other one is by myself ahem...Thanks for all the visits they make me happy! Though I'd be glad to have more contributions..


11-3-03: Two new fanfics by Ratwoman! There's also a Guestbook for you to sign, please :-p

10-3-03: First update, more fanarts and new section of acknowledgements. Do you like the picture on the main page? It's beautiful! Also a better forum for you to post whatever you want. Just sign up!

9-3-03: Opening of this site! Hello everyone! I promise I'll do my best to satisfy your needs for James/Sevvy artworks. However, I depend on people who want to lend me their works, I can only ask them to send the fics and fanarts to me. If you like, you could all help me to investigate on the Web, so we could build a great shrine together. Never forget it, this site will be always under construction! Lots of kisses to my friend Bianca, when your wonderful site is online, I'll tell everybody!