There are more fanfics about this pairing out there apart from the ones I've published here, but I'm still waiting for the permission of their owners. So please if you've written one, send it to me or tell me where I can find it. Be nice with this poor webmistress, please! ^o^

When you miss an enemy    by Isilme Malfoy
Severus remembers his past, and the one who loved him and hurt him so much. This story meant the beginning of my JP/SS theories, and now it's the beginning of this site. You just should read it!

The Real Reason Why Snapes Hates Harry    by Anakin
`'And what about me James?' This is a short but very deep flashback.

When Good Meets Evil    by Bianca Black
After having a quite personal conversation, Sirius and Remus find out something really awesome about their friend... ^Just extraordinary, can't miss it!^

For your favourite lilies sake    by Isilme Malfoy
This is a poem of mine. Pretty deep, I think, although I'm not a native English-speaker. Have a look at it and see if you can seize the whole meaning. Yes, I'm challenging you...

Corpus Delicti    by Khirsah
Like the authoress says, "a sordid mix of Lucius/Severus/James". Believe me, when I read this fic I felt it was uncomparable. it's one of those masterpieces one can't miss. So read it! Or are you to hypersensitive to stand the contents? Hehe...

Absolution    by Mouse
Snape receives an unexpected visit... This is not a
MWPP era tale, it's thoroughly original and quite impressive.

Possession   by Ratwoman
If a wizard saves another wizard's life, he owns him. And true friends share everything, don't they? Pairing: Severus S/James P/Remus L/Sirius B          

Sex, Drugs and Rockn'Roll   by Ratwoman
Humour ! Dumbledore opens a curious competition, but the question is: an the Slytherins succeed in staging "something Muggleish" and still make a point of   what they are?
SS/JP, SS/LM, JP/LE, LM/LE.                        




















The Blood Connection

  by Viscountess Babbles-On

This is just a masterpiece!! A secret is revealed: What has Snape to do with Harry's parentage? Absolutely amazing, deep, skillfully written, and well-developed. This authoress really know how to write a good story. It's long, but you'll enjoy it for sure. I'm still dreaming about it!




Reflections   by Isilme Malfoy
Severus confront the Erised mirror...But why is *that* person listening to him? A humble attempt of a one-shot.
Father of Mine  by Ellidyay
'I want my son back...He's all I have of James' This is another wonderful fic in which Harry's parents are not exactly who we thought *lol*... Still on progress, I'll post it here as soon as the authoress updates.

     Chapters: ~1~ ~2~ ~3~ ~4~ ~5~ (in progress)

Bindings   by Isilme Malfoy
Dumbledore's Valentine game brings unexpected consequences to two rivals destined to be together for a whole day...Yep, this is my first humour fic.